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Frame-Free Vision Correction

Glasses aren’t for everyone, especially if your lifestyle calls for freedom from frames or your eyes require a standard of vision correction that’s better suited for contact lenses. At Littlefield Eye Associates, we can measure and assess your eyes to locate perfectly suitable contact lenses. Say hello to a frame-free lifestyle.

Measured to Fit

Whether you’re a first-time contact lens wearer or you’ve found them uncomfortable and want to try again, we’ll start with a contact lens exam to evaluate your eyes and confirm that you’re a good candidate for contacts.

First, we need to look at your corneas (the front surface of the eye) to ensure that they’re healthy. We’ll also take some measurements to create your contact lens prescription (which is different from your eyeglass prescription).

During your contact lens exam, we will measure and assess the following:

  • The shape and curvature of your cornea
  • The size of your pupils and irises (the black and colored parts of your eye)
  • The health of your tear production to see if you have dry eyes

Our doctors are experienced in performing contact lens exams and finding the perfect fit for all types of eyes. Whether you need them for regular use or to help with certain ocular conditions, including keratoconus, corneal degeneration, and irregular corneas.

We use advanced, non-invasive diagnostics to measure your eyes for contact lenses. With corneal topography like sMap technology, we can capture detailed 3D mapping of your corneas to ensure that your contact lenses fit snugly.

Specialty Lenses We Carry

We must extend some gratitude for the innovations in the eye care industry. These days, many contact lenses are available for all types of eye health, and the latest technology allows us to fit them accurately. 

We want your contact lenses to be functional and comfortable, customized for your eyes. So, we stock several specialty lenses to cater to everyone who wears contact lenses, including:

Once you have your contact lens prescription and model, you can easily refill your supply with our quick online ordering system. Have your contact delivered to your door!

Our Brands

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The options are nearly endless when it comes to ACUVUE® brand contact lenses – the #1 contact lens brand in the world. Long-lasting comfort and clear vision can be yours with a contact lens in the ACUVUE® brand family.

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Alcon has one mission: to provide innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. Alcon is uniquely poised to serve every contact lens wearer by addressing the full life cycle of their needs.

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Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb is one of the best-known and most respected healthcare brands globally, offering the widest and finest range of eye health products including contact lenses and lens care products, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses, and other eye surgery products.

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Cooper Vision

We create and execute innovation that is unmatched in the contact lens industry. There's much more to our story than that, however. You'll find that what sets us apart is how we approach our business. We collaborate, we listen, and we enjoy what we do.

Hours & Location

Littlefield Eye Associates is located at 220 West 75th Street between Wornall Road and Wyandotte Street, across from the CVS Pharmacy and ALDI.

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Inside the Littlefield Eye Associate's office.
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